SCF7 Profile & Printer Settings for Latex

A dedicated ICC profile is currently unavailable for HP latex printers. You can use the following procedure to ensure success when printing on Magic SCF7.

  1. Load the HP White Satin Poster Paper profile.
  2. Open the Color Correction tab. Increase the saturation levels by +10 for all the ink colors.
  3. Select Edit Printer Settings on the Print Page.
  4. Turn on High Ink Level by placing a checkmark in the box.
  5. Decrease the vacuum level to 5.
  6. Proceed with your print job.


  • Print side is the smoother side. Rolls are wound print side out.
  • Increase the heat to facilitate ink cure if needed, but if the material ripples you’ll need to decrease the heat until they disappear. Suggested heater starting points: 77°F pre-heat, 95°F post-heat.
  • If the low heat settings cause curing issues, add a small inter-pass delay offset of about 0.5-1 second.
  • Scratches in the film are a result of HP’s excessive loading and print finishing sequence. The sequence will forward and reverse the film repeatedly until it starts the print. We recommend adding a 6”-12” border at the start and end of the print to prevent scratches in the graphic.