Alternative Profiles

Magic products are developed with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) printers and printer settings as a key benchmark. Developing our products to this specification allows a wider range of compatibility and excellent results with generic OEM printer settings. We have a list of print profiles for every combination of printers. We strive to have dedicated ICC profiles for every material / printer / ink / RIP combination. If Magic does not have a profile for your setup, you can use the following procedure.

  1. Search the OEM’s profile library for the closest media match. Use media type finish thickness.
  2. Print a small test image, approximately 8.5” x 11”, using the OEM profile.
  3. Evaluate the printed test image to determine if it is acceptable.


Need more assistance with your print profiles?

  • Adjust printer temperature, adjust speed (pass count & delay) or switch to uni-directional mode. These adjustments will improve ink adhesion, coalescence and print quality.

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