Window Film Tips


Clean your printer thoroughly of dust and debris that could stick to the product.  The adhesive side of the window perf is the print side. Do not use the take-up reel with this type of product. For large projects or overnight runs, lay a piece of non-stick backer on the floor for the product to lay on.


When printing of NEWVUE, the media sensor detector may see through the perforation holes causing the print job to delete or result is a “media out” error. Cover the media sensor detector with masking tape to prevent this from happening. Remove the masking tape after the print job is complete.


When your image is done printing carefully cut the image off the printer and lay it flat on a table or wind it loosely with the image size out and stand it on one end. Perforated window films should be cut by hand.


When shipping sheets, place a piece of silicone lined paper over the printed/adhesive side of the product to protect it from dust and debris. When shipping tubes, place a piece of silicone lined paper over the printed/adhesive side of the product to protect it from dust and debris. Wind image side out on a 3”+ core. If the product is being stored in anything other than its original packaging do not stack it.


Clean windows thoroughly with soap and water. Isopropyl alcohol can be used to remove any additional residue. Do not use ammonia or glass cleaner such as Windex. Dry the glass completely with a lint-free cloth. The glass should be between 40º F and 80º F. Smaller panels can be applied dry. Unlaminated larger panels can be applied using a small amount of application fluid such as Rapid Tac. The fluid should completely evaporate after the panel is applied to the window.


Allow the window film to lay flat for at least 1 hour before installing. Peel the edge of the liner off the vinyl and fold it back 3 to 6 inches. Align the graphic to the window and gently press the top corners down. Press the film against the window using a soft plastic squeegee. Continue peeling the liner and gently pressing the film down until the liner is removed. Trim any excess film with a utility knife. Squeegee the film starting in the center to the edges. Be sure that the edges and corners are firmly against the windows. If your graphic is on more than one panel, carefully align the graphics with the previous panel so the edges butt against each other with the holes aligned. Do not overlap the film.