UV Printer

SBL7 features an award-winning coating that is compatible with UV printer technology. Unfortunately, sometimes this unique coating may experience application issues under certain situations. Printed images may peel in areas of high UV ink saturation or due to prolonged exposure to high curing temperatures. Please follow the tips below to minimize printing issues with the product and UV printers.


File Preparation

Files should be prepared in a way that reduces the amount of ink used in dark, solid areas. This recommendation specifically applies to areas of the image that feature solid black. It’s common practice in graphic design to intentionally create “rich black” using a combination of CMYK. This results in areas of black that are darker in appearance compared to areas printed using only 100% black ink.

Each RIP program will vary in how it renders black. Most RIPs will render black using the exact CMYK percentages specified in the file. This is the reason you should avoid creating a customized “rich black” within the original image file. For best results, use 100% black in the image source file. Check your program documentation for more detailed information.

RIP Configuration

The RIP server should be configured with color management settings that will process and print the image with the least amount of ink necessary to produce an acceptable image. The location of these settings will vary among manufacturer, but all of them will have controls to change how they render color and regulate total ink coverage. Please check within your RIP documentation or contact your software vendor for exact instructions on the process.

Printer Configuration

Printer profiles that utilize a high number of passes to create a print should be avoided when printing on SBL7. A higher number of passes may generate an excessive amount of heat on the media surface causing the coating or ink to peel after installation of the product. Sometimes the names of these profiles may contain the phrase “High Quality” or the letters “HQ”. It may be necessary for you to open the profile in your RIP software to discover the number of passes in the settings. Consult your software manual for detailed instructions on the process.

Lamp Power

Because SBL7 is more sensitive to heat than other standard rolled media, you may need to decrease the lamp power of your printer if applicable. Most UV lamps are configured to operate in medium or high power mode. Please check within your printer documentation or contact your printer vendor for exact instructions on switching the lamps to low power mode.