adhesive paper tips

1. It’s recommended to repair existing wall damage (peeling or chipped paint, loose or protruding wallboard joints and holes) to return it to a like new condition.
2. Clean the wall prior to priming and painting it.
3. The wall should be painted with a quality, semi-gloss paint.
• Matte paint, paint with silicone, graffiti-resistant or texturizing additives must be avoided to prevent failure of the adhesive.
• Allow the paint to cure for 30 days before applying the product.
4. The painted surface must be clean, dust-free and free of any oils and grease.
5. Use a soft, clean, lint-free cloth to remove all dust from freshly painted walls.
6. Wash existing walls with a mixture consisting of 1 ounce of synthetic detergent per one gallon of lukewarm water. Avoid soaps or cleaning agents that contain oils, lotions, conditioners or waxes. Wait at least one hour for the surface to dry thoroughly after cleaning before applying the print.
7. The product should be fully tested by you to ensure success prior to surface application. Avoid surfaces with a pronounced texture (orange peel, knockdown or bumpy walls) before applying the product.