Techniques and Tips: Producing Indoor P.O.P

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Although P.O.P. displays and graphics and not a novel idea, they represent a major opportunity for sign shops looking to maximize their revenue.

Applications for P.O.P. displays range from soft signage (textiles) to roll-up displays and stands. Typically in demand among the same customer base of retailers who already buy outdoor durable banners from sign makers, the average selling price of POP graphics is 75 percent higher per square foot than the average selling price of outdoor vinyl. This potential for growth, coupled with the increased availability of media options, creates a substantial market opportunity. By learning about the changes in the industry, sign makers can capitalize on this to create eye-catching indoor P.O.P. displays and graphics.

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Techniques and Tips: Producing Indoor P.O.P, Ed McCarron, Sign & Digital Graphics – December 2014