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Inkjet printers produces documents and photos by spraying thousands of tiny ink droplets through nozzles onto paper with remarkable precision. These printers usually mix three primary colors of ink (cyan, magenta, and yellow) from cartridges to produce the correct image colors during the print process. Most inkjet printers include a black ink cartridge to reduce printing costs when printing black and white documents. This improves the appearance of shadows within an image.

Paper is typically loaded in an inkjet printer in a drawer or tray. The paper is pulled from this storage system through a series of rollers until it reaches a flat platform in the printer called the platen. Once the paper reaches the platen, the print heads move back and forth, precisely spraying ink from nozzles onto the paper.

Officejet is a trademarked series of printers manufactured exclusively by HP. These printers are also inkjet printers. As the name suggests, Officejet printers were primarily created for use in an an office setting. All if not most printers may be used to print, scan, and fax any standard size document. Officejet printers usually feature larger ink cartridges that allow the printer to print more pages at greater speed.

Even though Officejet printers and inkjet printers utilize the same technology, there is a significant price difference between the cheapest inkjet and most expensive Officejet printer. This price difference is closely related to the functionality and capacity of each printer type. Typically, the most expensive inkjet printer will cost about the same as the cheapest Officejet printer. Take a look at a selection of Inkjet printers offered at Best Buy here.

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