Ink Drying Tips

Four factors contribute to ink drying time during the printing process. Ink Compatibility, Print Speed, Time and ICC profiles determine how fast the ink dries. The time it takes the ink to properly dry affects the quality of the final print.

Ink Compatibility must be determined before purchasing a Magic product. Common signs of ink compatibility issues include ink bleeding, drying issues, saturation of colors and persistent banding. Refer to the compatibility bubbles which can be found on every product page to prevent compatibility issues.

Print Speed is often overlooked as the cause of an ink drying issue. Printing too fast may cause ink to be applied during a following head pass before the preceding head pass can dry. Try decreasing the speed of the printer by increasing the print quality dpi and/or increasing the number of printhead passes.

Time may be required to allow the ink to dry and properly cure. Ink may feel dry immediately after printing, but it’s best practice to allow prints to dry for 24 hours. This extended time allows the ink to cure properly on the media surface.

ICC Profiles contain settings for the printer to accurately reproduce an image. The profile controls printer speed, heater temperature, ink limits and color accuracy. Make sure that you are using the correct profile for the Magic product loaded in the printer. Instructions for downloading the correct ICC Profile can be found here.