MAGIC FAB6 is a 100% polyester woven fabric with our proprietary matte coating that creates vibrant, long-lasting prints. It can be used in applications such as wall décor, banners, roll-up banners and retail advertising. Here are some FAB6 tips to ensure your print project is a success.

  • Use minimum vacuum pressure during the printing process.
  • Cut the material with a hot fabric knife to eliminate fraying of the material.
  • Cut the material on a glass surface to prevent fraying of the material.
  • Standard high-tack banner tape can be used to hem the edge of the material.
  • FAB6 should not be folded, washed or ironed because the inks and coating are likely to crack.
  • Liquid laminates such as ClearShield Classic can be applied to FAB6 for additional protection. Use a paintbrush, short-nap or high-density foam roller to apply a thin coating of the laminate. Allow the first coat to dry completely for an hour before applying a second coat. Spray laminates are also suitable.