Dietzgen acquires Magic® Digital Imaging from Coveris™






Tampa, FL, September 12, 2016 – Dietzgen Corporation announced today that it has purchased the Magic® digital imaging business from Coveris™.  The purchase includes Magic® brand families of Museo®, Magiclee®, and Jet Set.

The acquisition will bring the strengths of Dietzgen Corporation, specifically converting and distribution, to Magic, one of the most recognized brand families in the digital imaging market.

With a series of seven (7) acquisitions over the past 17 years, Darren Letang, owner of Dietzgen Corporation, has created a nationwide footprint of converting and distribution for the North American print markets.  After recognizing the need for local converting and distribution of paper for the reprographics Industry in 1990, Letang spent the past 25 years building a National footprint with dedicated facilities in Tampa FL, West Haven CT, Houston TX, Charleston IL, Corona CA, and Atlanta, GA.

The Investments Letang has made in infrastructure, including facilities, equipment, systems, and staff, have been extensive.  “We are now ready to take our infrastructure and breathe new life into the Magic brand”, says Letang.  “We are going to bring back the Magic!”

“We expect a very smooth transition”, says Ed McCarron, Vice President Digital Imaging for Coveris™.   “Dietzgen has been a valued partner for Magic, converting and distributing Magic brand products for the past four years. The Magic Team is excited about the leadership, distribution, and vision the Dietzgen organization will bring to the Magic brand.”

As part of the acquisition, Dietzgen has signed a supply agreement with Coveris™.  This ensures the same quality coatings and products that have been the foundation of the Magic brand for 25 years, will continue well into the future.


About Dietzgen

Dietzgen Corporation provides converting and distribution services for digital print media including papers, films, and textiles to the US market.  Founded in 1895, and acquired by Precision Paper Company in 2012, today’s Dietzgen is a privately held corporation with six (6) dedicated facilities and over forty (40) converting assets, completing a nation-wide manufacturing and distribution network allowing quick and efficient service to the North American print market.


About CoverisTM

CoverisTM is a global leader in the development, manufacture, and distribution of precision coated papers, films and specialty substrates for imaging, electronics, medical, optical and security technologies. Our award-winning Magic® brand of digital imaging media and inks, Museo® brand of digital fine art and photography media, and Jet Set brand of products for the CAD market deliver innovative, high-quality wide format media solutions to the graphics, proofing, engineering, photographic and fine art reproduction industries.



About Magic®

Introduced in 1993, the highly acclaimed Magic® brand portfolio media addresses the evolving needs of digital printers with grand and wide format inkjet paper and film featuring distinctive coatings compatible with the most demanding imagery printed using water-based dye and pigment or solvent inks. This technical expertise ensures that the creative vision of our customers is realized every time.  The award-winning Magic® brand media consists of an array of products offering a variety of options for wide and grand format printing, including sign and banner supplies, photorealistic papers, display films, pressure-sensitive media, textiles, coated matte papers and digital wallcovering.


About Museo® Fine Art Media

Ideal for professional, semi-professional, and pro-sumer photographers and artists who produce digital originals or reproductions using inkjet technology, Museo® brand products provide world-class image quality manufactured to archival standards (Library of Congress, ISO) with all papers being 100% cotton and internally buffered.


About Jet Set for the CAD Market

Jet Set brand has been the most popular product in the CAD market for many years and continues to be the product of choice for a large number of users. Offering a range of high quality, consistent products for every CAD application, Jet Set brand provides the very best performance for high-quality engineering plots and full-color applications.


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