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How to Download OMS Files for HP Latex Printers

1. Open Browser on PC connected to printer. 2. In the address bar type in the IP of the Printer. 3. Click on the Setup Tab. 4. Click Substrate Presets Management. 5. Click Choose File. 6. Browse to the .OMS profile you downloaded and select it (Note: if the OMS file is Zipped or compressed […]

Alternative Profiles

Magic products are developed with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) printers and printer settings as a key benchmark. Developing our products to this specification allows a wider range of compatibility and excellent results with generic OEM printer settings. We strive to have dedicated ICC profiles for every material / printer / ink / RIP combination. If […]

SCF7 Profile & Printer Settings for Latex

A dedicated ICC profile is currently unavailable for HP latex printers. You can use the following procedure to ensure success when printing on Magic SCF7. Load the HP White Satin Poster Paper profile. Open the Color Correction tab. Increase the saturation levels by +10 for all the ink colors. Select Edit Printer Settings on the […]

How to Download Profiles from the Magic Website

1. Click the resources tab on the homepage. 2. Click the pink “icc profile search” box. 3. Select Product, Printer Make, RIP or Printer Driver and Printer Model (all fields are not required) and click search. 4. Click on the blue link to download the appropriate file. 5. If the file is zipped, unzip it […]

Ink Drying Tips

Four factors contribute to ink drying time during the printing process. Ink Compatibility, Print Speed, Time and ICC profiles determine how fast the ink dries. The time it takes the ink to properly dry affects the quality of the final print. Ink Compatibility must be determined before purchasing a Magic product. Common signs of ink […]

FAB6 Tips

MAGIC FAB6 is a 100% polyester woven fabric with our proprietary matte coating that creates vibrant, long-lasting prints. It can be used in applications such as wall décor, banners, roll-up banners and retail advertising. Here are some FAB6 tips to ensure your print project is a success. Use minimum vacuum pressure during the printing process. […]

Laminating Guide

TYPES OF LAMINATE Heat Activated – The adhesive requires high levels of heat to be activated before it will adhere to the media. Pressure Sensitive – The adhesive is aggressive and requires pressure to adhere to the print. Heat is not required with this laminate. Liquid – Applied by hand using a brush, roller or […]

Window Film Tips

SURFACE PREP BEFORE PRINTING Clean your printer thoroughly of dust and debris that could stick to the product.  The adhesive side of the window perf is the print side. Do not use the take-up reel with this type of product. For large projects or overnight runs, lay a piece of non-stick backer on the floor […]

Mounting Canvas onto Stretcher Frames

PREPARATION Allow images to dry for at least 24 hours before handling. Desired surface treatments should be applied and completely dry prior to stretching onto a frame. It is recommended to allow canvas to rest in room temperature for several hours before stretching. Canvas should not be stretched in temperatures below 65˚F as canvas is […]

Vinyl Installation

SURFACE PREPARATION Before installation, thoroughly clean the application surface. Remove any additional residual residue such as tape with a razor blade. Plastics and glass surfaces should be cleaned with window cleaner such as Windex. Wipe the surface with a lint-free cloth until dry. Painted metals and base metals should be cleaned with solvent cleaners such […]